Data Risk Management

Every business has sensitive data. Some examples of this are proprietary corporate information, financials, and employee data. In Healthcare, this sensitive data also includes Protected Health Information (PHI), with safeguards mandated by law. A sound data risk management strategy protects your business and your clients.


Threats to sensitive data

Stolen health data is a hot commodity in the black market. Data thieves often target smaller covered entities like medical and dental offices because they are “low hanging fruit”. But the greatest threat to your data comes from your own staff. They handle the data every day. Accidents happen. The government knows all of this too. That’s why HIPAA, HITECH, and other laws have data security provisions that apply to all covered entities and their business associates, regardless of size.


Like going to the Dentist

Data security used to be as simple as brushing & flossing. Now it’s like a cavity. And if ignored, it will become a root canal. You may be able to avoid the root canal if you treat the cavity. Back when all of the records were in paper form, you simply locked up the office and went home. Now most of the information is in electronic form and we have laws mandating protection. There may be a breach and/or audit in your future. Put yourself in the best possible position with good data risk management.


Continuous process, not an event

Data risk management is a continuous process. It’s not a “once and done, set it and forget it” project. The risks are constantly evolving because the assets, threats, and vulnerabilities change over time. First assess your risks. Then mitigate them. Next, monitor (and document) the results of your mitigation efforts.  Adjust as necessary. Continue the cycle to address new assets, threats, and vulnerabilities.


Full service consulting firm

We have the tools, methodologies, and experience to help small covered entities and their business associates with all aspects of their data risk management strategy. Whether you need a little help or a lot, let us tailor our services to match your needs, goals, and budget.