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Staff Awareness is critical for patient data security. And patient data security is part of patient care.  Healthcare has quickly become the #1 target for data thieves because patient data has high value on the black market.  More than 140 million patients have been affected by medical data breaches since January 2015.  While stolen credit cards may only fetch a few dollars each, health records and insurance information can be worth more than $500 per record!  And Healthcare lags far behind other sectors of the economy, such as Banking, Finance, and even Retail, in terms of data security.  The value of this stolen data is so high because it can be used to illegally obtain prescription drugs, medical/dental care, and even surgery.

Additional Challenge for Patients

Patient Data Breaches lead to Medical Identity Theft which can be far more devastating to the victim than credit card theft or garden-variety identity theft.  Studies show that victims of non-medical data theft spend $55 out-of-pocket and about three hours of their time fixing the problem.  Yet victims of Medical Identity Theft spend $13,500 out-of-pocket and more than 200 hours to resolve an issue!  Furthermore, Medical Identity theft can actually endanger the physical health of the victim when patient records are altered in national medical databases.

Staff Awareness is the best way to protect your patient data from accidental or intentional loss.  First of all, employees have access to this data and handle it every day.  And mistakes happen.  Furthermore, data thieves try to trick employees into opening the door to patient data.

Raising awareness helps reduce human error.  In addition, it helps prevent employees being tricked by cyber-criminals.  Threats and vulnerabilities are constantly evolving.  Therefore, diligent effort and an all-hands-on-deck approach are required to address them effectively.  Consequently, HIPAA specifies “Periodic Security Reminders” as an Administrative safeguard (see 45 CFR § 164.308(a)(5)(ii)(A)).

Best Solution:  Security-Tip™ of the Week increases Staff Awareness

Protect Patient Data for pennies per day!

Our exclusive Security-Tip™ of the Week program helps you create a culture of patient data security in your office.  For only $29 per month, after a $195 set-up fee, we'll send an email message to each member of your team every week.  The email contains a brief security reminder.  And it takes less than a minute to read.  Yet it gives you a simple way to protect patient data by raising staff awareness.  We stay on top of the evolving threats and vulnerabilities, and work them into the rotation of security tips.  Finally, our Quick Start Guide gives you everything you need to launch the program in a staff meeting.

  • Easy - We do all the work to select the topics, create the messages, and distribute them to your team to increase staff awareness
  • Quick Start Guide - A patient data security primer containing talking points for discussion with staff
  • Affordable - Only $29 per month for your entire office, after $195 set-up fee (for the Quick Start Guide)
  • Documented - Provides evidence of Periodic Security Reminders per HIPAA (see Administrative Safeguard 45 CFR § 164.308(a)(5)(ii)(A))

How it Works


Step 1

Sign up and send us a list of email addresses for all members of your team. We use the email addresses only for this service, and nothing else.

We'll get your office set up on our Security-Tip™ of the Week program and send you the Quick Start Guide to use in your next staff meeting.


Step 2

Introduce the Security-Tip™ of the Week program to staff using our Quick Start Guide. It is a primer that contains talking points you can use to set the foundation for a culture of patient data security in the office.  Immediately increase Staff Awareness.  And let your employees know what to expect in their inbox each week. 


Step 3

Every week we'll send a brief Security-Tip™ by email to each member of your team. And it will take them less than a minute to read. Yet it will greatly improve patient data security awareness in your office. Noteworthy, it addresses the HIPAA safeguard for Periodic Security Reminders.

That's all there is to it: Easy, Affordable, Effective.

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