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About to Hit the Wall

Scenario Things have been going fine, but you feel that is about to change. Maybe you think a data breach has occurred, but you’re not certain. Perhaps you sense that a lawsuit or audit is imminent. In other words, you’re about to “hit the wall” and you want to do what you can to minimize…
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No Wall in Sight

Scenario You’re going about your daily business serving clients and running your business. You know that patient data is sensitive. When you hear about ransomware and data breaches you might wonder if something like that could happen to your office. Of course, you know about HIPAA. Although you may not know about the HITECH Act…
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I Hit the Wall!

  Scenario Perhaps you have received a notice of HIPAA audit from the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Maybe you have experienced a breach of patient data. Ransomware attacks and thefts of devices containing unencrypted PHI are considered breaches under HIPAA. Breaches incurred by one of your Business Associates affect you too. Litigation can…
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